03 de Julio de 2015
Today, many people are interested in buying property in the city of Merida, the capital and largest city in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. There are inevitably a great many questions to be asked first, and for this reason we have prepared for you the 10 most frequently asked questions about living in Mérida, México.
1. How safe is Mérida, México?
One of the most common concerns that people raise about living in Mérida is about their security. As Mérida is a growing city, in commerce and in real estate, city services have greatly improved, making Merida one of the safest cities in the state of Yucatán.
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2. How is the weather in Mérida, México?
Mérida has a cool, tropical climate for most of the year. The months of November through January are usually rainy and rather cold. However, temperatures do not go to extremes.
3. How easy is it to buy property in Mérida, México?
For those who are interested in living in Merida Mexico, this is a fairly common question, because not knowing can lead to a little skepticism about living in Merida Mexico. You can get a property for living in Mérida México quite easily because the city is experiencing a growth in real estate. More and more homes are being built, offering comfort and safety.
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4. How easy is it to find employment in the city of Mérida?
Thanks to its extensive economic growth, there has also been an increase in available employment in the city, this goes hand in hand with the increase in the construction of residential complexes and malls. Buying a home or a location to establish a business in the city will not be difficult.
5. What is the average price of a house in Mérida?
Depending on the area you are thinking of living in Mérida México, prices vary; with properties in the northern part of the city having the largest surplus as the population there is in the medium-high socioeconomic circle. In the north of the city of Mérida properties can cost between $65,000 USD and $600,000 USD depending on the type of property you are looking for.
6. What tourist attractions and leisure does Mérida offer?
Proximity to the beach is one of the main attractions that makes many foreigners choose living in Mérida México over other areas, as it is located just 25 minutes from the beautiful beaches of the Yucatán Peninsula. Mérida is also very close to Cancún and the Riviera Maya, just three hours away. Moreover, Merida is culturally and historically rich, with a considerable amount of museums, theatres, parks and incredible buildings.
7. Education in Mérida, how good is it?
As well as a choice of quality primary schools, the city of Mérida also offers the best universities in the country. If you have children of school going age, rest assured that Merida offers high quality education at all levels.
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8. If I am interested in living in Mérida México, are there enough real estate agencies to support me?
Mérida’s real estate growth has also brought a growth in real estate companies. If you are planning on living in Mérida México we guarantee that you will find incredible real estate agents to help source the property you are looking for.
9. How is the process of renting an apartment in Mérida?
If you do not wish to purchase a property in Mérida, there are plenty of properties to rent. Simply contact a quality real estate agent, who will help you find an apartment for rent that meets your expectations, and can also help you with contracts and other requirements.
10. How are the people of Mérida?
The Merideños are a very friendly people, always willing to help. Visitors continue to highlight the welcome and warm treatment they have received from the locals. If you are thinking about living in Mérida México, you will not lack a friendly and helpful neighbor.